Perennial Hibiscus

perennial hibiscus

Perennial Hibiscus Bush

Perennial hibiscus plants are rapidly gaining favor with plant lovers across the nation. If you wish to enjoy a plant that is easy to care for, try the perennial hibiscus. If you reside in climatic zones 4 through 9, you can grow and enjoy a perennial hibiscus that will blow your doors off with color.

The perennial hibiscus should not be confused with the tropical hibiscus, which is killed in winter freezes. As the name implies, these hibiscus are truly perennial. Once established, they will provide years and years of brilliant landscape color. Actually, these plants are herbaceous perennials, meaning their tops die down to the ground each winter. Despite this, new shoots will come roaring back into lush growth when soils warm the following spring.

There are many varieties of perennial hibiscus to choose from. Plant heights range from 3 feet to 8 feet tall. Due to this wide range, you can either use them in the garden as focal point, or arranged them to create an informal hedge. Some hibiscus plants are compact and rather formal looking compared with the more loosely arranged habit of taller hibiscus.

The stupendous flower colors and the sizes of the hibiscus flowers provide growers a long season of delightful blooms. Hibiscus plants produce flower sizes that range from 4 to 10 inches in diameter. Perennial hibiscus plants are available in many shades, such as reds, pinks, whites and mixes. 

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