Pansies Laugh at Snow!

Welcome to Spring!   I apologize for not getting this post out sooner.  We’ve been rocking with production and garden friends wandering in.  I took some photos of our pansies today and uploaded them right to you!


It’s been a solemn week for all, and for us — a bit more solemn — as we have lost family members in the past few weeks.  As we rejoice in the holidays, we remember their lives and how important it is to embrace our family, friends, and life as it is given to us.  On a happier note, we also celebrated my Dad’s 86th birthday on Thursday!   He is going strong and is ready for business!


With that said, let us enjoy Spring and it’s beauty.   What better way to see Spring’s beauty than in the smiling faces of pansies.  Not only do they smile through the cold weather, they will actually laugh at the snow!     Really, I can hear them laughing now!  You do have to have a sense of humor with this crazy weather and weekly nor’easters. Pansies are perfect for adding some color when the rest of the garden still looks shut down for the winter. If there’s an unexpectedly cold night you won’t have to worry about these babies dying on you!


Our Majestic Giant Pansies and Violas are looking amazing this year!   Come in and visit me because I want to also see your smiling faces!  Hope your winter was wonderful and I truly look forward to seeing my garden friends!  I missed you!


Forever in Flowers,
Jean Schmitt
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