March Gardening Tips

March is often characterized by its unpredictable weather and this year is certainly no different. We started the month with a few warm 60 degree days that had us ready to spring (and flowers!), but since then we are digging ourselves out of nor’easter number FOUR. With spring so close, it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves dreaming of colorful annuals. BUT there are some March gardening tasks you can still do as the snow melts away. Then, you can fill empty beds with new plants as soon as it’s warm enough!


March is a great time to cut back ornamental grasses and any other remaining perennial plant debris. Most seasoned gardeners start cutting back around this time of year. Using a knife or shears, cut the stems of your perennials close to the crown of the plant — or the dormant top of the plant. Be sure to avoid removing new shoots. In the spring, new growth will arise from the base of perennials. The same goes for ornamental grasses, that die back to the ground level over winter.  You can also start raking beds and borders of your garden beds clean.


If you need to relocate shrubs in your backyard, do it now while they’re dormant. Worried about if it’s too late to transplant your shrubs? A good rule of thumb is to make you sure you move plants before trees and shrubs make leaves in the spring.


And, as always, keep on pulling those weeds as soon as you see them!

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