Fill your planters with Pansies & Pro-Mix!

It’s time to cheer up your front porch! Empty those sad planters and add some fresh pro-mix potting mix. Then, top them off with smiling pansies! 

Pro-Mix from Premiere is the very best potting mix you can buy. It is the only brand that we trust with our plants. Pro-Mix High Porosity (HP) provides a superior growing environmental for plants that require increased drainage and oxygen. In addition to Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, major and micronutrients, and dolomite and calcitic limestone, it’s fortified with beneficial endomycorrhizal fungus to strengthen roots and increase plants’ ability to fully utilize available nutrients. This is a compressed 3.8 cubic foot bale. 

What makes gardening really fun is starting off with healthy plants and giving them a nice home. Your plants will reward you and your home if you give them a nice place to plant their roots! 

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Forever in Flowers, 

Jean Schmitt 

Premier 3.8 CUFT Pro Mix BX Compressed Bale. Lightweight growing mix suitable for seeding applications. Made with premium Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. Professional formula preferred by many greenhouse growers. Provides drainage and aeration for optimum plant growth
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