Fall Fun Every Weekend!

Our Fall Festival is in full swing! Plenty of fall fun activities every Saturday and Sunday until Halloween! 

My Grandpa’s Tractor still working hard in the field — by just being there — Wish I could do that!chracters

Fun Characters for little kids to play and dance with!  You should see them try to ride the trikes — It’s almost as funny as watching some of the Dads attempting to embark on them.


Such a nice family!  Don’t worry — Monsters are not free to roam the farm — during the day at least.  Who knows what happens at night.


Apple Crisp Donuts Made Fresh Every Day!  I’m in trouble!

pieHome made pies too!  Apple, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Peach, & Pecan.  Oh my!


Pumpkin Bouncy House — Good Way to work off the donuts!img_20131012_102444

So this is what I do when I get bored playing with the flowers…


Jack B Littles — for those of you who want something for your desk or just to write something cute on it and give it to a friend!  You can have lots of fun being creative with these guys.


Ugly Pumpkins — Yes, they look like this on purpose! 

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