Schmitt's Family Farm Albert H. Schmitt Family Farms on Bagatelle has been a family farm for many decades. The current business is a compilation of Albie and Dottie Schmitt. They have been married over 50 years and farming together ever since. They each from long lines of farmers – the Schmitt’s have been farming here since 1853. Dottie Schmitt’s, maiden name – Harbes, family has been farming on Long Island for more than a century. Together they still keep their business growing with their 3 children and their grandchildren. Located on 6 Bagatelle Road, the original crop was potatoes. As the Long Island Expressway came through, it cut the farm in half. Eventually, development muscled in on the farm. Still in all, farming is still maintained by the propagation of annuals and perennials in a business that started with a small greenhouse to the current greenhouse menagerie today.

Schmitt's Family Farm

Schmitt's Family Farm - Jean