Schmitt’s Family Farm on Bagatelle

Dear Garden Friends,
I apologize for not sharing an update sooner.  Frankly, I didn’t know what to say as events have changed by the week, then the day, and then the hour. I also have been overwhelmed with emails  in my own personal inbox from every store and public utility and I just didn’t want to do that to you without some real answers. However, I would love to get emails from my garden friends to my farm email  Spring is always a reconnection with familiar faces!  Also, come join us on Facebook and/or Instagram and just share pictures. We need to stay connected  — at least, somehow.
As you know, we are a small family business. Such being the case, we have taken every precaution to safeguard the health of our family, our employees and our customers.  This is why we didn’t open our gates and our flags weren’t flying. We made the tough decision weeks ago to delay our opening.    
Nevertheless, we were extremely busy all winter and actually expanded our business from last year.   We were so excited for Spring.  Who knew?  Spring Fever is usually a good thing — right now, not so much. The greenhouses are full of flowers ready for May and June. Luckily, we have automated all the water and fertilizer systems. I also think it’s a good time for people to learn to grow their own vegetables. I am hoping to offer these to you in spring and summer. Self sustainability is a wonderful thing. I cannot say what the future weeks and months bring. In the meantime, we will be taking care of our flowers and hoping for better times. I’ve researched on-line ordering and/or telephone ordering system as possibilities.
So this email is being sent to you to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I didn’t want to send you a sales pitch or a generic email about the virus. It’s just a heartfelt email to say that we are here. We are all in this together.  And I’m as confused, nervous, and hopeful as you are. I usually walk a lot of steps at the farm, but lately they’ve been mostly in a circle going round and round, not knowing which way to turn.
I truly miss my garden friends. Flowers and gardening have been my happy place. Seeing your smiles when you come in has been my inspiration. My keyboard is going to get fried if I keep this up. I’m such a mush. Please stay healthy and stay in touch. 
Forever in Flowers, 
Jean Schmitt 

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